Austen Mengler
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Finally uploaded a collection of all the Photoshop brushes that I use - have a download!

NOTE: I haven't created any of these custom brushes myself - these are simply the ones I’ve downloaded from other artists on deviantART over the years that are free to use. Also remember that custom brushes and textures are just another tool to speed up your process. Using these specific brushes or relying on them won’t make you a better artist overnight - you still need to do a lot of practise and study the fundamentals too. If anything I'd reccomend learning how to draw and an understanding of the fundamentals (anatomy, life drawing, composition, colour theory etc.) without experimenting with lots of Photoshop brushes which are more for speeding up your process once you've learnt it the hard way so to speak. I think learning both traditional and digital art is the best way to go and what I'd reccomend, as having a strong understanding of drawing and having to work with your mistakes is something that is only really taught by doing it.

Try these out and see which ones work for you. Also have a go at experimenting with the sizing and options of the brushes in the "Brushes" window of Photoshop - and play around with the opacity and flow meters to find a good balance. You only really need a good 3-5 brushes for the majority of the drawing, rendering and painting, and then the rest are more to add variety and special effects, like adding blood or clouds or background elements. For digital art it's invaluable to use a graphics tablet with pressure sensitivity too, I've had good experiences with Wacom tablets in the past and they're a vital tool. Follow the key to see which ones I use the most and for descriptions of which are which. Hope they’re useful and remember to also have fun!

- Austen

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